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Let’s Celebrate!

We’re celebrating our Centennial with a marathon of events across Southwest Texas. Join us and the thousands of other dedicated Girl Scouts by registering to participate!
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Centennial Girl and Troop Champions

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Girls and troops have multiple ways to leave their mark on our Centennial. In addition to attending events, you can become Centennial Girl Champions by taking the lead on projects and events and helping represent GSSWT in our communities. To be a champion, a girl must do one of the following: Proclamations: The window of opportunity have closed for this activity. Birthday Celebrations: The window of opportunity have closed for this activity.  Parades: Participate in one or more of the 11 parades in our council area during 2024. We will have a special float for girls to ride on and walk behind. Please note: Participation in all or most of these parades will only be available to girls ages 12 and older per parade rules, unless otherwise noted. Murals: GSSWT will have a special mural painted in downtown San Antonio. Girls across the council will be able to create murals within their own communities using provided kits. More details coming soon! PR Team: We have PR Girls in San Antonio, but we need girls ready to represent the council across our communities! This includes photoshoots, media appearances, participating in events, and more. History Team: Interested in history and want to help teach other Girl Scouts about what life was like in 1924? The Centennial History Committee has opportunities for older Girl Scouts to help educate their sisters about badgework, historical trends, and more.  Troops can be Centennial Troop Champions by doing at least two (2) of the activities listed above. Girls will receive a special Centennial Girl Champion pin and troops will receive a special Centennial Troop Champion patch, neither of which can be purchased, for their involvement. An evaluation form must be submitted after competition of activity/ies to receive the pin or patch.

Schedule of Events

  • Bandera Memorial Day Stampede Parade
    Bandera Memorial Day Stampede Parade
    Sat, May 25
    Location is TBD
    May 25, 2024, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
    Location is TBD
    Help us celebrate our Centennial and represent Girl Scouts by marching alongside our new float in the Bandera Memorial Day Stampede Parade! All ages of Girl Scouts can participate.
More parades coming!
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